About Us

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Hobgood is the largest garage contractor serving the Evansville tri-state.

The success and growth of Hobgood is due primarily to referrals from the thousands of satisfied customers who have purchased and enjoyed their superior quality garages built by Hobgood. With this success and growth comes a responsibility to continue providing the highest quality at the very best price. Hobgood does, and will continue to, live up to this responsibility.

Fast and Thorough Professional Crews

Experienced carpenters perform every step in the creation of your structure with pride. Through years of experience, they have elevated garage building to an art form. In most cases, the professional Hobgood crew will complete your new garage the same day it is delivered. Hobgood knows that your time is important, and your convenience is also of paramount importance to Hobgood.

Total Performance for Total Satisfaction

Hobgood is proud of the specially designed and custom built tractor trailer rigs that carry an entire construction crew and two garages to construction sites. This enables Hobgood to build two garages in a single run , even at a considerable distance from the Evansville, Indiana factory. Every phase of your construction, from concept through final installation, is designed to provide the best available quality at the lowest possible price.

Superior Quality Building at Competitive Prices

Hobgood provides solutions to most of your timber construction needs. Where strength, increased efficiency, durability or economy are concerns, your Hobgood representative has the answers.

Project Gallery

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